New Kids on the Block: White Nitrile Gloves

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Hand Protection Is Crucial

In the world of chemicals and cleaning, work apparel must stand up to a myriad of harsh chemicals and tough environments. Hand protection is crucial for professionals to conduct their work in a safe, tidy, and timely fashion. It can be challenging to find materials that stand up to chemicals, grease, cuts, and more. For this reason, Supersource is excited to announce our solution: White Nitrile gloves.


Our White Nitrile gloves are an ideal solution for all cleaning and chemical care needs. Resistant to a wide array of chemicals, as well as fats and petroleum-based products, nitrile gloves offer cleanliness and protection for a host of different industries. Nitrile gloves are also extremely durable while remaining flexible, and highly resistant to tears, cuts, and punctures. Nitrile gloves are recommended for use in food preparation environments as well as for use with many chemicals. This has applications in several industries.

Kitchen & Medical Care Environments

Because of their flexibility and resistance to tearing, nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for kitchen and medical care environments where gloves are changed quickly and often. Additionally, nitrile gloves are latex-free. This is an excellent alternative for those allergic to latex or for use in environments with others allergic to latex.

With excellent durability, long-lasting wear, and an easy, slim fit, nitrile gloves are the ideal solution for professionals in hands-on positions.

Our nitrile gloves are available in four different sizes (small, medium, large, XL) and contain ten boxes per case. At 3000 gloves to a case, our White Nitrile gloves offer the best value and highest quality available. Contact us today for all of your industry material needs!


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