Why Professionals Choose Super Source

Reduced Cost and Timely Service

Chefs and owners across the US choose Super Source for one basic reason. The products and services offered by this company reduce cost and provide greater convenience.

Lower Inventory

The Super Source Route program provides the ultimate in convenience and dramatically reduces inventory. Larger operations can reduce inventory by as much as seventy-five percent. The smaller inventory saves the customer storage space, reduces waste and lowers cost. Super Source is the only company providing delivery once or even twice per week.

Product Control

Super Source pre-mixes product in dispensers to eliminate any use of concentrates and therefore reduces cost. The company also provides blending stations that blend general cleaners, pot and pan detergents, and sanitizers to appropriate ratios. Secure, lockable, one gallon, bottle racks are provided to eliminate use of the concentrate.

Problem Solving

Super Source personnel are hands on when it comes to problem solving. Written instructions, pictures and conversation often fall short of solving problems for the customers. It takes actual demonstration and application of a product to determine the effectiveness of a procedure or product. Super Source gets involved and applies the product suggested, and, in doing so, provides training to those who need to use the product on an ongoing basis.

Binding Contracts

Super Source doesn’t have contracts; we get customers because of our reputation and keep customers because of our customer service. If we don’t meet or surpass your expectations, you can tell us to hit the road at any time.

Minimum Orders

Super Source does not have minimum orders. Your route manager makes a weekly visit to replenish only the products you need and nothing more. The route manager’s truck is stocked with products and tools that are readily available to you, so there is no need to place a purchase order. Minimum orders often cause people to order items that are not needed or keep excessive quantities of product that take up valuable space, and inevitably create waste.

Hot Products

Warewash – Rinse Aid

Dish Additive
Eliminates Streaking and Water Spots from your Dishware.

Floor – Floor Gel

Floor Cleaner
Provides Cleaner Floors and Reduces Costs.

Floor – Floorzyme

Floor Cleaner
Provides Cleaner Floors and Deodorizes.


“It was great meeting with the team at the 2015 ISSA Show. Great to hear your growing!”

By: Chemtrec

“Thanks for the great service, when we needed you most.”

By: Canoe

“You helped us reduce our costs… it is great to have a great partner. Keep up the good work!”

By: La Parilla