Warewash/Food Service Program

Lease Or Buy

Super Source works with you to customize the most efficient dish pit area and program to meet your needs. With every style machine available to lease or purchase and experts in dish pit efficiency layout, we will make sure your program is customized to deliver consistent results without adding unnecessary extras that only add to your cost.

  • We rent, lease, and sell all types of dish machines.
  • Our expert service team provides service on all makes and models of dish machines.
  • You may not need a new machine. Super Source may be able to rebuild your old machine.
  • If you are a Super Source warewash customer, you get free service 24/365 (even if you own the machine).
  • Customers receive discount welding.

Already Have A Dish Machine?

Super Source will evaluate your machine and make any necessary repairs.

Did Another Company Tell You That Your Machine Could Not Be Fixed?

DO NOT buy another machine without letting Super Source make an assessment. It is very common for a company that leases dish machines to tell a customer they need a new machine. They tell a customer this because:

  • They do not want to fix the machine because it is not profitable to do so.
  • They do not know how to fix the machine because it is not a dish machine model their company leases.
  • They assume the machine is unfixable because they are unable to diagnose the problem.

24/7/365 Expert Service Technicians

Super Source thoroughly trains all of our service technicians to be able to diagnose and troubleshoot all make and models of dish machines. Our ratio of service technicians to our route managers is 1:1, which is unheard of in our industry. Having such a large service team gives us several advantages over our competition:

  • Our fast response times to service calls 24/7 gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that they will not be caught during peak hours without a dish machine
  • Our technicians are able to spend the time necessary to fix the problem and check for any other potential problems that might have gone unnoticed
  • Superior customer support
  • Spend the time to train your staff on the proper procedures to get the best results

Free Labor, Always

Our warewash customers receive free labor on their dish machine whether they are leasing it from us or not. If you are leasing your machine through Super Source, you receive free parts as well.

More Than Just Chemicals

Super Source does not just send a delivery man to your business to drop off chemicals. The Super Source Route Program is a program customized to help you maintain a safe, clean, & healthy environment for your customers and employees. Our route managers have the expertise to know what products and procedures are right for your business. You avoid warewash problems and other cleaning issues that could lead to a low health inspection score and customer loss, by having a knowledgeable Super Source route manager monitor your products and equipment weekly.

Find Out More

To find out more about the benefits of using the Super Source Route Program, call a location near you or email us at sales@supersource.com.

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By: Chemtrec

“Thanks for the great service, when we needed you most.”

By: Canoe

“You helped us reduce our costs… it is great to have a great partner. Keep up the good work!”

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