24/7/365 Expert Service

24/7/365 Expert Service

Super Source thoroughly trains all of our service technicians to be able to diagnose and troubleshoot all makes and models of dish machines. Our ratio of service technicians to our route managers is 1:1, which is unheard of in our industry. Having such a large service team gives us several advantages over our competition:

  • Our fast response times to service calls 24/7 gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that they will not be caught during peak hours without a dish machine
  • Our technicians are able to spend the time necessary to fix the problem and check for any other potential problems that might have gone unnoticed
  • Superior customer support
  • Spend the time to train your staff on the proper procedures to get the best results

Already Have A Dish Machine?

Super Source will evaluate your machine and make any necessary repairs.

Did Another Company Say Your Machine Can't Be Fixed, Requiring A New One?

DO NOT buy another dish machine without letting Super Source make an assessment. It is very common for a company that leases dish machines to tell a customer they need a new machine. They tell a customer this because:

  • They do not want to fix the machine because it is not profitable to do so.
  • They do not know how to fix the machine because it is not a dish machine model their company leases.
  • They assume the machine is unfixable because they are unable to diagnose the problem.

The Competition

Many of the chemical companies that make claims of same-day service lack the resources to actually follow through on that promise. Their response time can take days, leaving the customer in a very difficult and stressful situation. The problem is that service is costly and, too often, companies cut corners here to reduce their own costs. Super Source has a full team of service technicians that is equal in number to that of our route managers. This guarantees a quick response time and quality work from a friendly service technician that is not rushing to finish every job to get to the next. Our service team is our greatest asset and has played a large role in building the reputation we have today.

With other companies, the delivery person was also the service technician for an overwhelming number of accounts, giving them little time to focus on individual customers and affecting the quality of service given to the customer. Super Source limits the number of accounts assigned to our route managers to assure that each customer is given the attention and service that is truly needed to optimally manage an account. Our route managers carry parts on their truck to do minor service and repairs, but we have an entire service team devoted to providing quality service to our customers 24/7.

Super Source has always strived to provide the best products and service to our customers, and we continue to search for new ways to innovate the industry and surpass our customers’ expectations.

More Than Just Chemicals

Super Source does not just send a delivery-person to your business to drop off chemicals. The Super Source Route Program is a program customized to help you maintain a safe, clean, & healthy environment for your customers and employees. Our route managers have the expertise to know what products and procedures are right for your business. You avoid Warewash problems and other cleaning issues that could lead to a low health inspection score and customer loss by having a knowledgeable Super Source route manager monitor your products and equipment weekly.

In the industry, a frequent problem is that businesses are being delivered chemicals and products by people that do not have enough knowledge about the products or procedures to accurately answer customers’ questions. Super Source route managers work directly for Super Source and are thoroughly trained in our full product line and different techniques and solutions to common problems seen in the field. We listen, problem solve, and deliver, not just chemicals, but top notch results, as well.

No Binding Contracts

DO NOT sign a contract that binds you, for a specified time, to a company that spends more money on their marketing than they do on their customer service. Claims and promises are often made by companies to get your business, and once the contract is signed, you realize the company was more talk than action.

Our customers come to us, because of our reputation and remain our customers because of our customer service. If we don’t meet or surpass your expectations, you can tell us to hit the road at any time.

No Minimum Orders

Minimum orders often cause people to order items that are not needed or keep excessive quantities of product that take up valuable space, and inevitably create waste.

Super Source does not have minimum orders. Your route manager makes a weekly visit to replenish only the products you need and nothing more. The route manager’s truck is stocked with products and tools that are readily available to you, so there is no need to place a purchase order.

Find Out More

To find out more about the benefits of using the Super Source Route Program, contact a location near you or email us at sales@supersource.com.

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“It was great meeting with the team at the 2015 ISSA Show. Great to hear your growing!”

By: Chemtrec

“Thanks for the great service, when we needed you most.”

By: Canoe

“You helped us reduce our costs… it is great to have a great partner. Keep up the good work!”

By: La Parilla