Water Treatment Service

Why Water Treatment?

Most establishments where Super Source supplies its services have water filtration/treatment systems installed on water-fed equipment. This includes restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, & C-Stores. Why is water treatment important to you?

  • Serve Higher Quality Beverages – The removal of chlorine and other impurities improves the taste and odor of all beverages served.
  • Protect Equipment – The less maintenance and repair, the less it will cost and last over time. Mineral scale deposits are the #1 issue affecting water-fed equipment. Providing excellent mineral scale control is vital in reducing water-related service expenses.

What is Our Water Treatment Program?

1) We will survey the location and it’s existing water filtration systems installed. The survey will include pictures of existing systems & equipment descriptions the systems are feeding. Super Source personnel need only to know how to identify existing water filtration (or lack there of) and properly document it to the water treatment supplier. Once specified, installation services may be needed.

2) We will provide recommendations for either continued maintenance of existing systems or replacement with Super Source branded systems. The recommendations will be offered by the water treatment supplier using the information contained in the water treatment survey. The recommendation will be in a format that can be conveyed to the customer for approval.

3) We can provide replacement cartridges on a scheduled basis. Once the systems are installed, the location will be databases centrally and filter replacements scheduled as needed usually once every 6 months. 

4) The program will require little or no additional inventory requirements. The Super Source offices will be notified in advance of upcoming filter changes. Replacement filters will be shipped to the branches, packaged for the specific location when replacement is due.

Typical Questions Asked by Managers

  • Do I even know I have filtration? With high manager turnover and poor corporate planning, man operators are not aware they even have water filtration installed on certain equipment, especially if the systems are installed hidden from plain view behind equipment.
  • Where do I purchase filters from? Many establishments have multiple filter brands from various manufacturers. When changed, these are usually purchases from different local vendors at a premium. 
  • When do I change the filters? Seldom is there a schedule in place for periodic filter changes, especially true in smaller chains or single locations. 
  • When were the filters last changed? Most installed filters are in need of replacement. It is typical in the food and beverage industry to change filters once every 6 months but without a program in place, filters are often neglected until equipment problems arise. As filters clog, some systems are just bypassed and forgotten.
  • Should I purposefully neglect changing filters? It is common practice in the foodservice industry to compensate managers on how well they control operating expenses. Often time, they purposefully neglect replacing filters to save money at the expense of equipment life.

Why should Super Source Handle Your Water Filtration?

  • Super Source Technicians on site allows for scheduled filter maintenance. Super Source’s frequent visits allow for now only on site filter replacement on a scheduled basis but also periodic filter systems and water quality checks for all customer helping identify water quality issues before they cause equipment problems.
  • Competitors are offering water treatment services. Water treatment in foodservice establishments are the form rather than the exception. Most OEM’s offer a line as water treatment systems and most service companies also offer water treatment services.
  • Customers are asking for water treatment services! Most of Super Source’s current and future customers have a need for comprehensive water treatment service. If they currently have a program with a competitor, it needs to be a service offered when switching to Super Source services.
  • Water treatment offers additional revenue opportunities. Super Source personnel are in a unique position to generate additional revenue streams from water filter replacements. Whether it’s offering replacement cartridges for existing systems or making recommendations for new filtration, the revenue opportunity is there to grow as the customer base increases.

How Should I Inquire More About This Program?

If you are interested in starting the water filtration program at your establishment, contact us for a quote. You can also learn more from our guide on the cost benefits of water treatment solutions.



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