Super Source and Our Total Commitment to Green

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Safety For The Employee and the Environment

Every product developed by Super Source is created with the worker’s safety and the impact on the environment in mind. This approach is not new to Super Source. The company’s founder introduced the first Safety Degreaser to the Food Service industry in 1973. This product attacked grease and could be used without fear of injury to workers or damaging equipment and facilities. The product tackles tough jobs and eliminates many problems created by products containing caustic soda ash and/or potassium hydroxide. Products that contain caustic soda such as Oven and Grill Cleaner are manufactured with acceptable levels of these materials. Again, to protect the workers and the food services customer, the product is developed with ingredients that provide effective cleaning without presenting unreasonable risk to the person using the product on a daily basis.


Some manufacturers have introduced products with no dye to demonstrate safety. This creates problems with misapplication of product. Super Source uses dyes to help eliminate accidents resulting from using the wrong product for the job. There are hundreds of safe dyes and all dyes used in Super Source products are 100% safe for the environment and personnel.


Safety is important to everyone, and proper products applied for the cleaning of a food service operation are essential. The build-up of food particles or grease creates a hazard to our health by encouraging the growth of bacteria and attracting rodents and other bacteria-spreading pests. Super Source is careful to provide effective cleaning solutions to prevent bacteria build-up. At the same time we are always concerned for the safety of employees and our environment.

Problem Solving

Products that can attack the skin are clearly marked with the corrosive symbol. These products should be used with protective gloves and, of course, proper instruction. Even though these products are totally safe for the environment, they may cause skin problems if used without proper protection. For ultimate safety in the workplace, one can go totally to safety degreasers and neutral floor cleaners. Super Source will provide instruction in proper application of these products and special tools and techniques to achieve results without the use of corrosive items.

For more information on our products, review our SDS sheets, or Contact us for more information on our green initiatives.