Not Getting The Results You Want?

Inadequate or lack of training, improper equipment or chemicals for the intended application, or inadequate and improper maintenance are often factors when results are not what they should be.

Super Source trains your staff on our chemicals and proper cleaning and handling procedures. Our route managers and service technicians are thoroughly trained and available to answer any of your questions and give you the support you need to assure you are getting optimal results.

Sometimes people use the wrong tool for the job (e.g. brushes have bristles made of different materials with varying flexibility because different bristles work better on different applications). Super Source carries various tools for different applications and can help you choose the proper tool for your application.

If a dish machine is not maintained and calibrated properly, your dishes will suffer the consequences. Poorly maintained machines also have a high risk of breaking down, which can be very costly and inconvenient. Our route managers are trained to identity problems with your machine and can fix minor issues. Weekly visits from your route manager help prevent minor issues from turning into major ones. For the more difficult problems, we have a full team of highly trained service technicians that are devoted solely to providing our customers with 24/7 service.

Super Source limits the number of accounts assigned to our route managers to assure that each customer is given the attention and service that is truly needed to optimally manage an account. Our route managers carry parts on their truck to do minor service and repairs, but we have an entire service team devoted to providing quality service to our customers 24/7.

More Than Just Chemicals

Super Source does not just send a deliveryman to your business to drop off chemicals. The Super Source Route Program is a program customized to help you maintain a safe, clean, & healthy environment for your customers and employees. Our route managers have the expertise to know what products and procedures are right for your business. You avoid warewash problems and other cleaning issues that could lead to a low health inspection score and customer loss, by having a knowledgeable Super Source route manager monitor your products and equipment weekly.

Free Labor...Always

Our warewash customers receive free labor on their dish machine whether they are leasing it from us or not. If you are leasing your machine through Super Source, you receive FREE parts as well.

Find Out More

To find out more about the benefits of using the Super Source Route Program, call a location near you or email us at

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