Market Segments

Strive For Excellence

Restaurants /Food Service

We are leaders in the Southeast in helping restaurants run an efficient, safe, and cost-effective operation. We partner with our clients to keep your customers satisfied and coming back.


For the hotel industry, keeping a clean and well-maintained establishment is simply a necessity, and the minimum requirement guests expect.


We provide a partnership and cleaning solutions for every part of your Club. From the Restaurant, Kitchen, Bar, Cafe, Spa, Guest Rooms, & Pro-Shop, we have everything for your “CC” needs.


We provide solutions and training to ensure your business is exceeding food safety guidelines, and keeping your workers, as well as customers safe.


Super Source offers several Cleaners and Degreasers for countertops, appliances and for the entire kitchen and cafe areas. Our products will keep your learning institution clean and running smoothly.


Super Source offers a complete line of general cleaning, laundry, restroom and disinfectants that not only clean, but also disinfect.


Customers come to your restaurant not only for good food and good service, but to celebrate a special occasion, try a new dish, or to create a memory. Super Source partners with you to make sure their experience is a good one. From the time a customer opens the door to enter your establishment, until the time they pay their bill and leave, the cleanliness of everything they see and touch is essential to making a good impression. Our extensive line of cleaning products helps you keep everything in check. From the doors to the floors, the kitchen, restroom, and tables, Super Source is with you to make sure your operation is clean and protected.

Our Warewash will keep your dishware shining bright, and Route Program helps you keep the right amount of inventory on hand. The Laundry Program will keep your napkins and towels clean, white and safe…and our exemplary service will be there in the event problems occur.

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Golf & Country Clubs

Your members expect, and are paying for, top-notch quality. To meet your patron’s needs, you should use the best products, backed by the best service, to ensure you are taking the proper measures to provide the best golf and club experience. Our products will keep your club in the shape your members both expect and deserve. Our products for floor care, kitchens, restaurants, housekeeping, and restrooms will save you and your staff time and money. Don’t just take it from us…read our testimonial from the Cherokee Town & Country Club.

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We develop and provide numerous products for the hospitality industry. Our products are widely used to assist and clean well-maintained properties, including Laundry, Housekeeping, Floor, Restroom, Warewash, and Kitchen products. Our world-class customer service managers and technicians back all these products.

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Food Service & Processing

We provide products and training to ensure food safety. We don’t simply sell you products; we provide training and solutions to help you keep your equipment clean and safe.

We provide several products for the equipment, and hand sanitizers to keep employees clean.

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Super Source offers several solutions for the Education market. From floor finishing, to restrooms, to kitchens, cafeterias and lunchrooms, we can help keep your facility clean and safe throughout the school year, or get your facility back in tip-top shape over the summer months.

Floors: Anyone in education knows, floors take a beating. Super Source has the right product for the job, allowing you ease of care, whether its cleaning, or giving your floors a durable finish. Our products will lower your costs through ease of application, and allow your personnel to spend time and energy elsewhere…not on your floors.

Restrooms: Our products for restrooms help you keep a clean, sanitary environment in your learning institution. Whether its K-12, or higher education, we have the products to fight whatever dirt and grime you are fighting, whether its a community restroom, or locker room after a hard fought game.

Kitchens, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms: We offer numerous products for countertops, appliances, and for the kitchen area. Our Warewash products will also keep your dishware fresh and clean. Contact us to discuss your specific needs for your learning institution.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for your learning institution.


Super Source serves the healthcare industry, by providing disinfectant products, as well as products to clean and sanitize restrooms, clean floors and laundry in the healthcare markets. Our products will help you efficiently manage your healthcare institution.

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