New Location – Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX

July 12, 2023

SuperSource Opens New Location Serving Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

January 2023 – SuperSource launches the newest Texas branch, now providing quality products and excellent service to the greater Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas area.

New Dallas, TX Facility Location

The new Dallas facility will serve as a manufacturing hub for the increased demand of SuperSource products and the development of new territories as the company expands West. This will help to satisfy the ever-growing demand of our regional corporate clients, proving assurance that quality products and services clients rely on can be provided across state lines.

About SuperSource, Inc.

SuperSource Inc. is a privately owned, commercial chemical and service company, partnering with several market segments, including restaurants, country clubs, hospitality, food service and processing, education and healthcare companies to better manage their kitchen, laundry, and product sourcing needs. For more information about our company and our mission, check out our About Us page.

In 2020, SuperSource expanded into Texas. SuperSource representatives met with Houston restaurant owners and heard familiar stories of poor unresponsive service. There was a recognized, untapped market for what SuperSource does best and what they have built their reputation on. Once new customers got to know and trust the company, they kindly started spreading the word throughout the great state of Texas. All this chatter created a demand that SuperSouce was glad to fill.

SuperSource moved onward and upward to the Dallas – Fortworth area in 2023, making this the new home of their western manufacturing hub. With customers’ needs always in mind, SuperSource tailors their products and services to meet those needs rather than meet a subpar expectation set by the industry.

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