Case Studies: Satisfied Customers

Read a few of our success stories, and better understand why it's important to choose the right partner for your restaurant, country club, hotel, food processing, learning or healthcare establishment.


"A lack of service and high cost is why Canoe left their previous
Warewash vendor and came to Super Source. Super Source solved both
problems by lowering their cost and providing high quality service. Note that after the Chattahoochee River overran it's banks and flooded
out this beautiful restaurant, Super Source promptly removed the dish
and glass machines, repaired and cleaned both machines and
reinstalled them to get Canoe back up and running.
Now that's service."

Cherokee Town Club and Country Club

"Super Source solved Cherokee Town Club and Country Club's service
problems, while lowering their costs in food service and laundry.
In addition, we relocated a Warewash machine from the Town Club
to the Country Club to replace their outdated machine, rather
than purchasing a new one. We have remained their partner for over
7 years, and look forward to many more."

Atlanta Country Club

"Super Source was asked to solve Atlanta Country Club’s laundry
issues. We solved the problem and went on to service all areas
in the facility. Super Source lowered costs, improved the laundry
and eliminated service charges on the dish machine and
glass washers."

Georgian Terrace/Livingston

"When their banquet kitchen Champion 132” conveyor machine was
having ongoing major problems, Chef Gary Mennie, who was already
familiar with Super Source, called to see what could be done.
Super Source was able to save Georgian Terrace the cost of
purchasing new machines by repairing their conveyor machine
and rebuilding their single tank Champion dish machine."

La Parrilla

"La Parrilla, switched from Super Source to a major competitor
after being lured by promises of savings and other claims.
La Parrilla’s costs soared over 80% higher after only a year.
This prompted them to return to Super Source where their costs
have actually been lowered for the past 4 years."

Pittypat’s Porch

"Competitors told Pittypat’s Porch their current machine could
not be repaired. A new machine would have cost them $30k, but,
fortunately, they came to Super Source for a second opinion.
Super Source was able to repair their machine on-site for less
than $1k. Today, 14 years later, the same machine is still running."

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