Cost Of Poor Results (CPR)

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Do You Know Your Cost of Poor Results (CPR)?

COPRThe Cost of Poor Results or "CPR", is the money you're leaving on the table because of dirty bathrooms, dull & dingy glass and flatware, the inability to maintain a regular customer base and not going the extra mile to maintain a clean, engaging establishment. We've developed the Cost of Poor Results (CPR) Calculator & Worksheet, to help you identify the amount of revenue your losing by not taking the right steps to keep customers happy, coming back, and recommending your establishment to their friends and family. Use the Calculator below, or Download the Worksheet today.

Not convinced? Don't just take it from us...The articles below the Cost of Poor Results Calculator were selected to provide insight as to why consumers visit, or do not, repeatedly visit restaurants.


    Average Revenue Per Cover     (Average Spend per Person)
    Average "Local" Covers Per Week
    (Percent(%) of Repeat Revenue Lost     (5% Suggested; Based on
    Median Adult/Children Food Allergies)
    Base Weekly CPR
    Base Annual CPR
    Annual Number of Visits Per Customer     (4 is Based on 1 Visit per Quarter)
    True Annual CPR

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Articles :: Cost Of Poor Results

General Articles

Chefs Say...

"We’ve asked several leading chefs and food personalities what the first thing they look for is when they walk into a restaurant, and just about all of them tell us cleanliness. If they’re cutting corners in their front-of-house…then they’re most likely cutting even more corners in the kitchen."

- The Daily Meal

Clean Utensils
Is Restaurant Silverware Making You Sick? How to stay as germ-free as possible while dining out.

In new stomach-turning news, a gastroenteritis-causing virus could be lurking on restaurant silverware and dishes—even if they’ve been washed, according to a new study published online on PLOS ONE.

Women's Health Magazine

Dirty Table and Glassware are "Top Restaurant Turnoffs."

"Restaurants are losing out on income and customers by a combination of poor service and not cleaning and polishing their glasses, cutlery and crockery properly, a new study has found**. Over half of the 2,000 consumers surveyed by Miele Professional (52%) stated that dirty glassware was their ‘top restaurant turn off’, and a further third (32%) said that if they were to experience dirty utensils, they would be unlikely to ever return."

Hospitality & Catering News
- Donna Duberg, Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science at Saint Louis University

The Dirty Bathroom
Would you eat in a restaurant with a dirty bathroom?

"Some scathing social-media reviews and postings are forcing restaurants to pay more attention to the cleanliness of their restrooms."

- The Back Burner

Dirty Restaurant Restrooms Say Dirty Kitchen To Many Customers

"A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive reveals that 88% of people who encounter a dirty restroom at a restaurant think this reflects poorly on the sanitation of the rest of the establishment, including the kitchen and food preparation areas. Of those, a full 29% said they would never come back to a restaurant whose restroom they found to be very dirty."

- The Back Burner

Why Your Customers Aren’t Returning To Your Restaurant

“Returning diners are vital to the success of your restaurant. If your customers aren’t returning to your restaurant, it’s time to take a look at why and find solutions.”

Restaurant Management and Operations

“50% of restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom - from dirty toilets to grimy soap dispenses to bad odors — will blab about it to friends and family. This costs business…Nearly 3 in 10 consumers surveyed said there are no second chances with dirty restrooms — and they would never return to the restaurant again.”
The Back Burner

You Know The Restaurant...

“You know the restaurant-the one with great food, but filthy bathrooms. Your mind begins to wander, and as you ponder the dirty bathroom you envision a dirty kitchen. Your decision is made-no matter how tasty the food, you will not return due to the lack of cleanliness.”

Smelling Good

"A restaurant should smell good… they should smell fresh and clean and not have a heavy odor of air fresheners that are covering up dirty odors. You should simply smell delicious food."

Women's Health Magazine

Return Customers

"Return customers provide at least 1/3 of your revenue event though they make up a small portion (usually 15%) of your customer base In fact, according to Harvard researchers, you can expect to increase your profits from 25%-125% if you increase repeat customer visits by just 5%."

My New Restaurant Has Rave Reviews, But Business Is Slowing Down Dramatically. Why?

"Trouble keeping customers coming back... read on"

"A dirty or unkempt restaurant is a major turnoff. New research shows consumers are not likely to make a return visit to give a place a second chance to make a good impression."
(Independent Consumer Research Firm))